Warning: Danger!, April 4, Shredder 

Don't say they didn't warn you

Four-piece "safety-themed" Warning: Danger! is aptly named if the danger that lies ahead is a punk-rock party. There isn't a downbeat moment from 2008's Sings the Soothing Sounds of Safety to 2011's Keep Out, going as far back as the band's inception, when vocalist Mike Ostler came up with the idea for "Holly FLipS," a video about a girl who, you guessed it, flips out, after a bad break up. While her harried ex looks on, "Holly" throws dishes, knocks over a bookcase, stomps on CDs and takes a pair of scissors to his record collection--and his head. Ostler wanted some music to go with the truly terrible video and asked some buddies to help out. That led to a live show, which led to more. Now, after six years of recording and performing, W:D! is serious about making every show raucous fun-filled happening that will leave its audiences sweaty and smiling.

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