Watch Video of NRA's LaPierre in Testy Exchange With Fox News Host 

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre clashed with Fox News Sunday host

Viewers of Fox News Sunday this morning witnessed a testy exchange between National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and the program’s host, Chris Wallace.

During the interview, LaPierre said President Barack Obama’s push for background checks on prospective gun buyers would lead to a national gun registry, which critics claim could lead to taxes and confiscation of weapons, the Associated Press reported.

Wallace, clearly frustrated with his guest, said: "Forgive me, sir, but you take something that is here, and you say it's going to go all the way over there.

"There's no indication–I mean, I can understand your saying that's the threat, but there's nothing that anyone in the administration has said that indicates they're going to have a universal registry," Wallace was quoted by The Huffington Post as saying.

LaPierre retorted: "And Obamacare wasn't a tax until they needed it to be a tax.

“I don't think you can trust these people.”

LaPierre also defended the NRA’s controversial ad last month accusing Obama of being an "elitist hypocrite" for not supporting armed guards in schools when his daughters are protected by armed Secret Service agents.

"Do you really think that the president's children are the same kind of target as every schoolchild in America?" Wallace asked. "It's ridiculous, and you know it, sir."

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