We Got the Bomba: Agua Dulce 

Who has the Bomba? Agua Dulce has the bomba-traditional Puerto Rican dance music for which dancing is actually essential. There are 917 musicians in Agua Dulce. OK, that's not true; there are only seven. But they make so much fun-furious sound that it seems almost possible it was a packed-past-capacity recording studio.

The Dulce dudes from sunny San Diego mix their traditional Latin and Caribbean rhythms with modern funk and hip-hop. And they do it in both English and Spanish, which is not only trendy, but adds to the fullness of their sound. The party starts with the first beat on the album and it flows into a gargantuan love fiesta with perfect percussion, muted trumpet and classical guitars.

Even if you're a devout wallflower, songs "Conocer" and "Enfadosa" are going to force your hips into swivel. Or at least persuade you to make a blended cocktail.

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