We Know it's Summer When... 

BW puts its finger to the wind on the upcoming season

Summer is about potential. About this time of year, with the mercury popping into the upper 80s and the shocking exposure of pale winter flesh to the outside world, a Boisean's thoughts turn to what could be.

The next few months mean that it's going to be warmer, brighter and groovier than it's been all winter and spring. Whether it's the great music that's coming to town or nearby, the movies that wait till, oh, about now, to release, or the backyard project you've been pondering, the wait is pretty much over.

Everyone has his or her own marker for the season. For gardeners, it's when they get to see their seeds become veggies and flowers. For the fitness freaks, it's when they get to hit the trails and the mountains without snow gear. For music fans, it's when they get to whoop it up at outdoor shows, like Alive After Five, on a weekly basis. For kids, it's camp time. Which, for parents, means freedom.

We had a healthy debate here at the BW HQ about what summer really means to us, and decided not to bother with a united vision. The warmer months mean different things to everyone, so we decided to prove that point. To our Music Mama Amy Atkins, the heat can be so oppressive that she'd rather cool off with some good music and some great movies. For Deanna Darr, our News Editor, it means that she finally gets to kick back at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Juliana McLenna, our Calendar Editor, is able to dig in to the local community farms and do a little gardening of her own. The incomparable Nicholas Collias tells us that for years, summer has meant family trips to developed thermal pools, and the sociological experiments that such outings afford. Rachael Daigle tells us how summer for her, means getting the heck out of Dodge and living under open skies in the backcountry. For me, summer means I'm going to try to get in shape, yet again, and pursue my annual folly of entering a bike race that I'm not really prepared for. Hey, I didn't say all these pursuits were automatically healthy.

Elsewhere on our pages, you'll find a guide to the best Downtown patios for sipping frosty beverages, a solid roundup of the summer's upcoming movies (is there anything that hasn't been turned into a sequel yet? Wait, don't answer that, you might give someone ideas) and a look at a summer camp like no other.

Check online as well, in the features section. We're packing the site with links to the things we talk about, extended interviews and more reviews of arts and entertainment than you can shake a swizzle stick at.

So what do you think about when you think about summer? Is it the heat? Is it barely-legal business-casual duds for Alive After Five? A new bike? An old one? That margarita you've been denying yourself until it's hot enough?

Well, bring out the salt and rim that glass: Summer is practically here. We're ready.

--Shea Andersen

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