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Weep Wave Brings High-Energy Show to Boise

See the Seattle-based band at The Olympic on Saturday, Oct. 14

Amy Atkins Oct 11, 2017 4:00 AM

When Dylan Fuentes, frontman for Seattle, Washington-based synthy garage rock band Weep Wave, reached out, his pitch was simple. He explained the band was heading out on a West Coast tour behind a new release and would play The Olympic in Boise on Saturday, Oct. 14 [opening for The Mercury Tree]. Fuentes included links to the Weep Wave press kit and social media sites—basic pitch stuff—but he also added a quote from renowned Seattle radio station/nonprofit arts organization KEXP, which suggested the band should win an award for "biggest hustle in the scene" for having played nearly every venue in town and "massively" growing its social media following.

"While they might be consummate professionals with their hustle, their live shows are raw, energetic, fun and a little goofy," it read.

The high praise is compelling, particularly because Weep Wave has only been together since 2016, when the 20-something Fuentes moved to Seattle from Orange County, California.

"I don't like love songs," he said matter-of-factly. He felt the Pacific Northwest would better foster the indie sound he wanted to create. It was a risky move, but it paid off so quickly it would be hard to argue fate.

"I put an ad on Craigslist when I moved to Seattle," Fuentes said. "I found Dylan [Trujillo] the bass player the next day." The two Dylans connected instantly but Fuentes knew something was was missing. With the addition of Colton Harold on the synthesizer and new drummer Cameron Smith, Weep Wave was whole—and insanely good.

The foursome is touring behind Amassing a Mess, its new self-released, limited-run five-song EP, which is available on cassette and contains an exclusive ambient B-side. If you want to know what synthy garage rock sounds like, visit You may not cry but if you miss Weep Wave live, you might. 

Listen to "Perfect Piece of Pretty Trash" here: