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Re: “Mega-load Meets Protest in Montana, Exxon Sending Some Loads to Another Route

Mr Prentice,
How much were the fines that Conoco had to pay for the traffic stoppages on highway 12?

Posted by Welch on 02/17/2011 at 12:56 PM

Re: “Three Mega-load Bills to be Introduced to Legislature

It is true 81 that I am not an engineer. I am one sided that is true. You miss a few facts. First, all energy produced goes into a central sales yard, so to speak. The highest bidder gets the oil. That means that china is buying the oil produced in the US. Our less than 5% of world wide oil assets is still not near enough to fill our gas tanks for the future. Much less our childrens.
Second, I am not even speaking to how under the table this deal was. Two years of ITD setting this up with no information to all concerned parties and no pub lic hearings until they were made to.
As to the fulfillment of economic activity, (and for the record, salmon and steelhead fishing bring in well over 150 meals and a few motel rooms) I am sure the people working the loads are eating and sleeping. Seems to me that what I have read says that there will be less than 50 people working these loads. The journey across will take what, 4 days in Idaho, not counting weather and accident related delays? that adds up to a few meals, lets see, 50 times 3=150. The motels will I am sure, not have enough rooms for all the sleepers. just the local economy up there provides well over 150 meals a day to locals. I don't see many jobs for Idahoans, except for ISP who has to provide front and rear cover for the loads. Well not until they drop one of these things in the river, which they will, then being on the rez, the jobs for the under water welders will be covered by TERO. That means that the wages will be prevailing wage scale. I am not sure what an underwater welder makes but I feel confident it is well over $100 an hour. I imagine there are very few underwater welders in Idaho. I have looked at weight and the lifting power of those russian helocopters. Three of them together could not lift that amount of weight out of the river, even if the pilots were able to fit the things into the canyon. Yes, the clearwater is mostly canyon and the sides are real close in places.
The river runs thru the Nez Perce rez. When the load got stuck Kamiah and Lapwai were out of luck if Tribal Police were needed in one or the other town, yes us Indians have our own law enforcement. The Tribal Council has come flat out in opposition to these loads.
I do have a question for you 81, how many people have you spoken to in that corridor? I think the answer is less that 1. When I was there during Thanksgiving and Christmas, I spoke to well over 200 and not one of them, from farmers to business owners, to everyday citizens thought that these loads were a very good idea and that the risk outweighs the benefit.
As to the microscope, what I see is myopic people such as yourself 81, who only look at what corporate oil tells them and takes it for gospel. Who have no idea of the region and think that safety is the first order of business for big oil.
If safety was the first priority, the route would probable be the Trans-Canadian Highway or down 95 to Boise and then interstate to Billings.
Why not take a journey to the Clearwater 81 and see for yourself?

Posted by Welch on 02/08/2011 at 2:14 PM

Re: “Three Mega-load Bills to be Introduced to Legislature

All of these articles about the megaloads are somewhat assinine, forget somewhat. I did not make the "protest" at the capital as my mood was way to angry with ITD and the people of Idaho. The load got stuck right where those who have spent any time traversing US 12, knew that it would. The place is called the tunnel, course none of you down here know that or seem to care with a few exceptions. I spent 10 years living in Kamiah. US 12 now belongs on the threatened list. The Clearwater and the Locsha now belong on the endangered list. Either Conoco or Exon are gonna drop one of these loads into the river. The Nez Perce do not want these loads going up 12. Most people I have spoken to along the corridor do not want them.
I can guarantee that none of you would allow these loads on 55. I bet no one would allow them on US 95. Yet here we are watching the only road that provides linkage between the east and west sides of the Nez Perce rez being ravaged. The highway will not hold up. If you think different take a drive to Mountain Home and tell me what good shape the interstate is in and those loads don't come close to the weight of the mega loads. And the interstate is built much better than US 12. If you really want an education take a drive up to Lapwai, take a right hand turn at the north end of the Spaulding bridge and see if you can at least take the curves at the posted recommended speeds. I would love to have a lottery on how many of you would not be able to do it. Yet you are more than willing to let the ITD get away with this.
I think that if you know US 95 or highway 55 you might have noticed that there are no bridges that the loads would have to go under, except for Wichester and they would fit those. You come down to the interstate and turn left, take that highway to Billings and..........................oh I am sorry, I forgot. They might get in your way and tear up your beautiful highway and ruin the place where you depend upon the salmon to feed your families.

Posted by Welch on 02/07/2011 at 12:19 PM

Re: “Skip to M' Loo

I enjoyed your introspective jrjd evaluation, which apparently you flunked. Now don't go NASA on me. I have a link for you that I think you might enjoy and perhaps not feel so lonely again in your thinking you have to give yourself such a bad eval. It is an article written by a professor at hofstra university. Take care and don't be worried about things such as the good professor speaks of.

Posted by David on 04/21/2007 at 8:29 PM

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