'Welcome to Greenleaf, Idaho. This Is Not a Gun Free Zone' 

The Canyon County city of Greenleaf (population 875) wants you to feel free to bring your firearms there. In fact, they have a new sign that reads: "Welcome to Greenleaf, Idaho. This Is Not a Gun Free Zone." They even point to City Code 5-6-2:B. The ordinance, approved in 2006, allows residents to freely exercise their Second Amendment rights. The same ordinance also encourages residents to store emergency supplies, including food and water, in case of emergency.

City officials say they'll put the sign up at five different locations in Greenleaf. The City Council said the signs were donated and won't cost the taxpayers a penny. But the city still needs formal approval from the Idaho Transportation Department to put the signs up near roads, primarily Idaho State Highway 19 that runs through the center of town.

Greenleaf doesn't have a police department and relies on the Wilder Police Department in times of trouble.

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