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The holidays are hard. Let's face it, there's a little part of each of us that dreads those family get-togethers and flinches as we mentally tally the cost of all of those gifts we're expected to buy. It's that same part of us that runs away and hides in the back of a closet when we then realize we still have to figure out what to get everyone.

Boise Weekly knows where you're coming from. In fact our own fear of the holidays is partly why we put together this handy dandy guide. BW's 2012 Gift Guide is designed to help you navigate the perils of holiday gift buying--all while keeping your budget in mind.

We sent our secret shoppers out to scour the valley for fabulous gift ideas not only for every taste but for every budget because, let's face it, as much as we would love to buy whatever we want, our gifts are usually determined by our bank accounts.

We can't claim this is a comprehensive list of every awesome gift in the Treasure Valley, but it is a list of some pretty fantastic stuff. Like in the past, these gift ideas were assembled by the BW editorial department, which means that items were selected on their own merit, regardless of whether a business placed an ad in this section. Each item also come from locally owned and operated businesses, staying true to BW's commitment to support buying local.

We are so willing to put our word behind these gift ideas, we decided to showcase them in our own offices, truly making this the Boise Weekly Gift Guide.

To get more information on where to find these items, turn to the back of the guide for a directory of all of the merchants featured, including where they are or how to contact them.

Now, bury that sinking feeling and get shopping.

To check out the digital edition of the 2012 Boise Weekly Gift Guide, click on the link.

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