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Don't throw out that election frenzy yet

Nicole LeFavour, thank you. Jimmy Farris, thank you. And Betty Richardson, thank you. Thank you, too, Ron Twilegar. Thanks to each and every one of you who ran as a Democrat, whether you lost your race or won, but a special thanks to those who lost.

I'm sure you understand this better than I, but it wasn't you that made you lose. It was that shambling herd who chose to stick with the same-old, same-old. Those dumbshits so short and shallow, they can't see over and beyond the (R) behind a candidate's name. Those who can't even imagine there's gotta be a better way than what we have, even though what we have is like a concrete necktie that drags Idaho to the bottom of virtually every category, every ranking, every rating. The more crucial the category is--be it in matters of education or health or income--the lower Idaho ranks in it.

Yet over and over and over, the dumbshit herd shambles to the polls and votes to keep the same bunch that made it what it is. Gad, what is wrong with these people!? In a semi-lucid moment, they reject the entire diseased lump with which Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna intended to infect public education but then turn around and re-elect the very vermin who carried that lump into law. I despair! Woe is us! Will we never rid ourselves of these thoughtless slugs who drag our beautiful Idaho deeper and deeper into dumbshititude!? Are we destined to forever beat our heads against the dull thick wall of drab Republican dung-work until there is nothing left of our state to protect, to cherish, to be proud of!? Woe ... woe ... woe ...

But listen Nicole, Jimmy, et al. ... You gave it your best, and I could not let the election slip away without letting you know how grateful I and many others are for your efforts. And please forgive me if I seemed a tad overly wrought in that previous paragraph about the dumbshits and all the woe, but I had to get that off my chest.

Yet the question lingers: How long must Mother Idaho slog through the putrid sucking mud of Republican control?

I can't guess the day, the year, it will end. I can't predict the specific election that will tip the state away from the septic swamp of confederacy-tainted foulness and put it on a path more compatible with the civilized regions of America.

However, among the lessons to be gathered from President Barack Obama's victory is that it is coming. Idaho's face is changing just as the larger nation's is--browner, younger, more urban and more gender equal. New generations are learning--with ample help from the Republican Party--just how repulsive the Republican Party has become. The rusty old tactics--encrypted racism, voter suppression, outlandish lies and pin-on patriotism--work only with a shrinking voting bloc, and that will prove to be as true in Idaho as in Ohio, Florida, or any number of states that were once reliably red.

So take heart, friends. It's just a matter of time. Of course, most of us might not be around to see it happen. But we may be comforted in knowing our great-grandchildren--great, great, great-grandchildren at the farthest--will not have to endure the toxic mange that dares call itself a Grand Old Party.

While we're waiting, though, there is yet work to do. Idaho Democrats have a tendency to sink back into their Barcaloungers for a three-year breather following elections. But comrades, we can no longer afford the luxury of doing nothing. Look at the Republicans: Four years ago, they went to planning Obama's destruction even before John McCain could drag himself out of the toilet stall to concede. This year, Marco Rubio was in Iowa before the campaign dust had cleared.

Point being, Republicans don't take breaks. Running for office is what they do. It's all they are--perpetual-motion campaigns. It's how they mask the ugliness of what they offer, and it's how they managed to come back in 2010 like a scourge of plague-carrying rats and curse the country with the Tea Party.

But even if our dreams of a Democratic Idaho seem hopeless for the near future, we don't have to sit idly by while the rest of the country moves forward. I write this column inspired by reports of a Boise couple so alarmed at the prospects of a Radical Right America that they went to Ohio for weeks prior to the election and volunteered in the Obama organization. Knowing how irrelevant Idaho is in the Electoral College scramble, they took their energy to the center of the arena.

In states that have experienced the most contentiousness since the 2010 mid-terms--Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia--those Tea Party governors and their bat boy legislators are all up for re-election in 2014. And if the nation's Democrats were to pursue their defeat with the same focus and intensity that re-elected Obama, they wouldn't stand a chance. And believe me, the defeat of those sneaky scurves would be every bit as much a blessing to America as was Mitt Romney's. I am convinced the 2012 election should not be considered entirely over until we have swept away the remaining crumbs from the 2010 election.

We must never give up trying to elect Democrats in Idaho, nor am I suggesting we all go to Ohio and camp out until November 2014. But until GOP suppression gremlins brew up some way to stop us, we are free to get involved in races in whichever states we please. And it's possible ... just possible ... that the shambling Idaho herd will someday wake up and wonder why everyone is so far ahead.

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