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If you're one of those brandy sniffers who say it's a waste to spend too much time in front of the tube, screw you. Move on. Next. I want to speak to the folks who are honest enough to say, "Damn straight I watch TV." Because we know that the new fall season on TV is worth maxing out your TIVO.

Blue Bloods--Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I.) plays Frank Reagan, the patriarch of a clan of cops and lawyers. Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan co-star. The show is getting dynamite ratings, but it is currently buried on Friday nights. Friday nights, CBS

Boardwalk Empire--If you've been waiting for the next best thing out of HBO since The Sopranos, this is it. How's this for a formula? Martin Scorsese. Mobsters. Prohibition. Atlantic City. Steve Buscemi. Sunday nights, HBO

Detroit 1-8-7--Detroit is exactly the right backdrop for this cop opera complete with excellent acting and scripts. The note-perfect Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) plays the highly flawed Detective Louis Fitch, who is the city's best homicide detective. This one will need a little help from the network's promotion department. Tuesday nights, ABC

Dexter--Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under) plays a very conflicted man. He's a blood analyst for the Miami Police Dept. by day and a serial killer by night. This season, he's coping with the murder of his wife. Believe it or not, he didn't do it. Sunday nights, Showtime

Hawaii-Five-O--Alex O'Loughlin (The Shield) plays a re-imagined Steve McGarrett. It has the same theme music, and each episode includes a "Booke 'em, Dano." And the show rolls like those great ocean waves in the opening titles. Monday nights, CBS

Law and Order: Los Angeles--Dick Wolf's now legendary franchise has gone Hollywood. It has the same format, excellent stories and an amazing cast: Terrence Howard, Alfred Molina, Skeet Ulrich (Scream) and Regina Hall. Wednesdays, NBC

Modern Family--OK, this one isn't new, but it's still great, and it deserved every ounce of gold in the Emmy it received for Best Comedy Series. This is appointment viewing. Wednesdays, ABC

Raising Hope--This is the funniest, most inappropriate comedy on network television. A 23-year-old pool cleaner has a one-night stand with a serial killer. She gives birth just before she is electrocuted, which leaves him to raise the child with the help of his trailer-trash family. Tuesdays, Fox

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