Who Will Win the Oscar? Ask The Flicks' Carole Skinner 

Who better to pick this year's Academy Awards winners?


The road to the Oscars, at least in Boise, runs through The Flicks. No other theater has screened more Academy Award nominees and winners and, true to form, every nominee in this year's race has been or will be showcased at The Flicks, including Still Alice, which opens Friday, Feb. 13, and stars Julianne Moore, the odds-on favorite to take home the Best Actress Oscar.

We thought it would be fun to sit down with The Flicks owner Carole Skinner—between screenings, of course—to get her take on who she thinks will and/or should home take home the Oscar gold this year.

Best Picture: "This is a really, really great list of films this year," said Skinner. "I think Boyhood will and should win. I wouldn't be disappointed if Birdman pulled an upset, but I'm pretty sure that Boyhood will take the top prize."

Best Director: "For the exact same reason, I think Richard Linklater [director of Boyhood] will win the Oscar. But we love Wes Anderson at The Flicks; his film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, was a huge hit for us throughout last summer."

Best Actor: "I think it's Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything. He should and will win. He accomplished an amazing feat of physical and emotional performance."

Best Actress: "It has to be Julianne Moore for Still Alice. Everybody else is great in this category and in any other year, I think Reese Witherspoon would win for Wild, but I'm pretty certain that Julianne Moore will take the Oscar."

Best Supporting Actor: "It's definitely J.K. Simmons for Whiplash."

Best Supporting Actress: "For me, it's between Patricia Arquette for Boyhood and Emma Stone in Birdman. I keep liking Emma Stone more and more in everything she does. But if I have to choose, it's Patricia Arquette."

Best Foreign Language Film: "My absolute favorite movie of 2014 was Tangerines [from Estonia], but it still doesn't have an American distributor. I can't wait to show it people. That said, I think Leviathan [from Russia] will win. By the way, we have a couple of the other foreign film nominees coming to The Flicks and they're great: Timbuktu [from Mauritania] and Wild Tales [from Argentina]."

Best Original Screenplay: "It has to be Birdman, the most original movie of the year."

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