Who Would Jesus Stalk? 

The Idaho man who made global headlines with his passion for The Passion has been sentenced to a rather hefty three years in California state prison. Zach Sinclair, 34, a drifter and former mental institution inmate, was convicted in March of stalking Aussie-turned-apostle Mel Gibson after making repeated-and peaceful-attempts to pray with the controversial director. According to Gibson's statements at previous press conferences, Sinclair was never threatening or aggressive, he simply "didn't have a sense of personal boundaries." Most outrageously, Sinclair sent Gibson 12 letters and sat down next to him in a church, where he told Gibson, "Hi. I'm Zach Sinclair. I'm here to pray with you."

Maybe we just missed the part of the New Testament where Jesus gets a restraining order against a seemingly harmless mental invalid who wants to pray with him. But it could have been worse; if courts had ruled that Christian zealotry was a crime worthy of committal rather than simply incarceration, the entire Bush administration might have had to start taking their meds.

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