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Shaky assertions on the campaign trail

In a big public panel with a crowded slate of candidates, time is of the essence. A little distillation of one's message can be essential for reaching an audience. Quick one-liners, however, sometimes just don't make sense. The recent AARP forum for the first Congressional District candidates was a good platform for a few of our favorite lunkers.

Assertion vs. Reality, take one:

"I've been in Congress." Republican Norm Semanko, it is true, has spent some time in Washington, D.C. But he was there as an aide to former U.S. Sen. Larry Craig and has never held public office.

Assertion vs. Reality, take two:

"I've spent my career solving some of this country's financial problems." Idaho State Controller Keith Johnson does indeed have money management in his job description. But he's a state-side guy. If he's been doing the heavy financial management nationally, why are we still up to our ears in debt, with a creaky Social Security system and underfunded hurricane recovery? Keith: they still need you.

Assertion vs. Reality, take three:

"I believe the weapons of mass destruction were there (in Iraq)." Well, Rep. Bill Sali has always described himself as a man of faith.

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