Who's Really For Education? 

Grammar lessons needed for some candidates

The race to become Idaho's next superintendent of public instruction has drawn a wide variety of takers, for sure. But you might reasonably expect proper grammar usage from them.

Sadly, no.

Republican Steve Casey is a career educator, the principal of Coeur d'Alene High School and a heckuva speechmaker. But from the news releases his campaign is sending us, we wonder if Casey shouldn't pull up a chair in one of his school's English classes.

It began in late March, when Caseys's campaign sent out word that "IDAHO SCHOOL CHEIFS (sic) ENDORSE CASEY." The announcement went on to state that the Idaho Association of School "Adminsitrators" were backing his candidacy. These "schools principals," the release noted, thought he was the best candidate. To his credit, his campaign has since issued a correction.

Over on the Web, Republican candidate Tom Luna states that teachers in Idaho need a "carrier ladder" to help them succeed. We'd prefer to help them with their careers, but hey, every little bit helps. Because, as Luna said, "Our great teacher deserve it." Just which teacher, anyhow?

To Steve Smylie, we only say, "Huh?" In his "Whitepaper" section, he states that "test scores are improving graduation rates are higher than national averages."

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