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Citizen: 3-16-2011

Keeping the peace as an officer of the law is another matter altogether. As Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson counted down the final weeks to retirement (scheduled for December 2014), we looked at our March 2011 conversation with him and what he felt about something that was just being hinted at then: the possibility of allowing concealed weapons on our university campuses.

"I think it's a bad idea. I can only recall twice in the years that I've been here of instances where people have drawn a gun to prevent a crime. In one instance a do-gooder pulled a gun on a suspect, and a second citizen, not knowing what the situation was, pulled a gun on the do-gooder."

Wayne Hoffman

Citizen: 3-2-2011

One person who staunchly advocated for the new guns-on-campus law, which was passed by the 2014 Legislature, was Wayne Hoffman, director of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. We spoke to Hoffman in March 2011, and we were particularly interested in the relationship between the libertarian-leaning IFF and its own news organization, IdahoReporter.com.

"I freely admit that I have a vision for IdahoReporter.com, but I don't think having a vision means that I dictate what the stories look like. I want to cover stories that aren't being covered or aren't getting enough attention. I want to hold people accountable. I want to put issues to a truth test."

Ritchie Eppink

Citizen: 7-4-2012

The ACLU of Idaho has a deep interest in the truth. And Ritchie Eppink, its legal director, should never be underestimated. When we spoke to Eppink in July 2012, the Occupy Boise movement and the tent city Occupiers set up near the Idaho Statehouse were making headlines—Eppink successfully argued in federal court that the Occupy movement had every right to be there.

"In Idaho, we're seeing state agencies that are getting instructions to cut and cut. And they're cutting so close to the bone that they're cutting out people's rights. The Idaho government has used this historic circumstance to dial down the First Amendment as far as they can before they get stopped by the court."

Jeff Anderson
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