Who's Your "Daddy X" 

The Kottonmouth Kings' Brad "Daddy X" on Amsterdam, theft and Michael Phelps

We caught up with one of KMK's vocalists, Brad "Daddy X", for a few words as he got ready to hit the road on the Bring the Noize Tour with Le Coka Nostra, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Big B, Dirtball, Short Dawg Tha Native.

Boise Weekly: So you guys are about to kick off the "Bring the Noize Tour" and represent your tenth album: "The Green Album." How's that going for you?

Daddy X: It's been going great. We got a great reception from it and can't wait to go on tour. We did a couple shows on the west coast when it came out (October), but this is our first full-blown tour for this album so we're stoked. We are bringing a good package with us. We got The Kottonmouth Kings and La Coka Nostra---the former House of Pain members, Everlast, Big B, Blaze Ya Dead Homies from Psychopathic Records and Short Dawg---so it's definitely going to be a good bill.

I heard the KMK van got stolen out of Burbank recently? What's up with that?

Some sketchy things happened, we had the trailer—full of equipment—and the van which both got stolen. But, you know, these things happen in life and there are worse things in the world than that.

So if I see a white Ford van rolling around with a license plate that says GLAUCOMA, should I call you guys?

(Laughs) There you go. Yep!

Do you guys like playing Boise?

I love playing Boise. The energy is always great and we've been rocking there for years. You know they got the Pita Pit there and they feed us pretty good for sure.

Nice. Do you have a girlfriend?

No, I have a wife.

Does she ever roll her eyes at you when you tell her stories about how cool Amsterdam is?

No, she does not roll her eyes. She's rolling us some fat joints.

Do you think you could hold a bong hit in longer than Michael Phelps?

No, I think he probably has better lung capacity than us. Hopefully that whole ordeal will shed some light on how ridiculous weed is viewed. That bong hit is getting so blown out of proportion that the guy is losing a million dollars of sponsorship. You know how many stoners eat Kellogg's cereal?

No doubt. So to wrap this up, what can we expect at the Boise show?

It's going to be a party and a high-energy show—definitely a good way to get away from the problems of the world and have a good time.

Do any of you guys own an Eli Whitney suit?

(Laughs) No.

Ohhh, I just thought that with cotton and all ... never mind. Thanks for your time.

No problem.

The Kottonmouth Kings headline the "Bring the Noize Tour" at The Knitting Factory on Tuesday, Mar. 3. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., tickets are $20. Bo.knittingfactory.com.

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