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Does one of the stockings hanging from your mantel belong to a wine lover? Stuff it with a variety of wine accessories starting with a nice waiter's corkscrew. Look for one with a double boot where the lever that fits against the bottle is stepped, which allows the cork to be pulled out in increments and makes it less likely to break the cork. Also look for one with a Teflon-coated screw. You should be able to find one with all the features for under 10 bucks. Throw in a foil cutter from Screwpull, as well. They seem a little silly at first—after all, most corkscrews come with a blade just for that purpose. But once you've used one, you'll never go back to the knife. Again, priced around $10.

For after the bottle is open, give your wine lover a packet of Pour Disks. These reusable disks insert into the bottle opening, allowing the wine to be poured smoothly and without drips. You can score a five pack for about $5.

Ever try to stick the cork back in the bottle? Real corks tend to expand, making it difficult, and the hard plastic corks are almost impossible to shove back in. Metalla makes a stylish Wine Bottle Stopper that locks with an airtight seal. It's priced under $8, but be forewarned—it only fits standard wine bottles.

For those inevitable wine spills, two words: Wine Away. This remarkable red wine stain remover really works. It's made from fruit and vegetable extract, leaves a nice, fresh citrus smell and a 12-ounce bottle retails for just $9.15.

How about a gift certificate to your wine lover's favorite wine shop so that they can choose their own special bottle? And for the ultimate in choice, pick up a Downtown Boise Gift Card. The card is good at some 200 shops, including more than 60 different restaurants and is accepted everywhere from Bardenay to The MilkyWay. With the gift card they'll be able to enjoy Boise's finest French Cuisine at Andrae's, or grab some Chinese take-out at the Oriental Express (their pot stickers are a must try). You can buy the cards at the Record Exchange, Macy's Gift Wrapping Department or the Downtown Business Association at 720 W. Idaho.

Why not lose the stocking and stuff all their goodies into a ByoBag instead? These neoprene totes from Built NY will keep your wine lover's bottle cushioned and cool. That may not seem important when the mercury is at 20 degrees, but they'll thank you this summer when they're packing for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. A one-bottle tote retails for $14.99, with a two-bottle version going for just a couple of bucks more.

Happy holidays!

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