Wine Walk - Anthropologie Opening - Fox Trot Fashion Show 

Idaho Wine Commission at First Thursday

In December, handful of downtown businesses paired up with a handful of local wineries to offer tastings to First Thursday merrymakers, and everyone lived to tell about it without a citation for liquor law violations. Take two happens this month.

Reps from Indian Creek Winery, Koenig Vineyards, Fraser Vineyards, Carmela Winery, Silver Trail Winery, Pend Oreille Winery, Parma Ridge Vineyards, Bitner Vineyards and Sawtooth Vineyards will be strategically installed—bottles in one hand with the other free to check your ID—at various galleries throughout downtown. Participating galleries include Gallery 601, Cole/Marr Gallery, Brown’s Gallery, Lisk Gallery, Art Source Gallery, Stewart Gallery, R. Grey Gallery and Holland Gallery. For more information on gallery exhibits and locations, see First Thursday Listings.

New Kid on the Block

Our inner fashionistas are experiencing heavy turmoil over the recent opening of Anthropolgie. Our Glenda, the good fashion witch, sits on one shoulder saying, “Finally Anthropologie has arrived to share its fabulous clothes with the masses of Boise, and no longer will I have to shop their online store or travel to another, hipper city.” Our Wicked Witch of fashion West is cursing up a storm, pouting that every woman with a credit card and any good sense will now be sporting the duds that have heretofore been the privilege of only a few.

The slightly more sophisticated older sibling of Urban Outfitters opened at the end of January, adding yet another corporate name to the list of businesses infiltrating downtown Boise. Like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie is stocked full of wearables—of the clothing and accessory variety—and home furnishings and other knickknacks for gift and home. Unlike Urban Outfitters, however, Anthropolgie’s demographic hits a bit more mature, more financially secure market. In other words, it’s clothes for the 30-and-up crowd who are busy raising kids, growing a career and want to look good doing it all. This First Thursday is their first. Stop in and check out the new store.

Anthropolgie, 822 W. Idaho St., 208-345-3411.

Walking The Fashion Plank

It’s a week of fashion this First Thursday (hey, what can we say, we want your wardrobe ready to go for spring). Foxtrot Style For Living is bringing in spring fashion with—what else—a fashion show. There’s a 20-foot runway set up in the store, and lovely locals (and a few from L.A.) will be doing their best America’s Next Top Model impressions on the catwalk.

Doors open at 5 p.m., show starts at 7 p.m. Foxtrot Style For Living, 1419 W. Grove St., 208-344-0979.

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