Wink, Wink, Rub, Rub 

Pay attention, and you'll learn something new every week. This week's lesson, for instance, is that there's a difference between a massage and a "massage," but both are available in Boise. Go in for a massage, and you'll lie face down on a padded table, listen to new age music, get skillfully kneaded and prodded from behind for about an hour and leave relaxed and satisfied. Go in for a "massage," and you'll get most of the same features, but with a "happy ending." And there might be beer. And your unlicensed masseuse might actually live in the massage parlor.

These revelations and more came out of a one-day, 11-parlor crackdown by Boise Police, who cited a handful of women for everything from solicitation to allowing alcohol on the premises to allowing employees to live on the premises. At the World Spa, Aloha Spa, Hong Kong Spa, Joe Jeans Spa and Shanghai Spa, women were cited with misdemeanor solicitation, which is punishable by a maximum of six months in jail and $1,000 in fines. Police said all the parlors had been the subject of citizen complaints prior to the raid.

And here's one more lesson, for those of you who already knew about massages and "massages." The cops say they also took down the license plate numbers of the customers who "frequent" the parlors. Feeling a little tense? A massage would help that.

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