Winter 2005 

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Here's a not-so-secret secret for our readers: Putting out this edition of Idaho Arts Quarterly has been, in a word, hectic. Or in more words: animated, feverish, turbulent, breakneck, overwhelming and frenzied. Amid putting out our regular weekly edition, holiday shopping, traffic and events, early deadlines for half of December, and the general insanity that this time of year represents, we still managed to put out this quarterly with thoughtful stories, comprehensive listings and interesting news from the arts world.

And we did it. From impossible flurries of ideas and paper, we present to you organized chaos: our passion for the arts tamed into cool-headed analysis. We think this issue of Idaho Arts Quarterly is as beautiful as it is informative, and hope you do, too.

Inside you'll find a nuts-and-bolts story about how paintings end up in galleries, a guide to eastern Idaho (the arts' "shrinking violet") art galleries, a piece about the reinvigorated Moscow arts scene, a picture of the emerging theater scene in Twin Falls and, of course, a profile of this edition's cover artist. And as always, we've assembled numerous listings for what's what in the arts around the state (and what we couldn't fit here, you'll find at

As this issue hits newsstands, we--and many of you, too--are knee-deep in holiday preparations. But beyond the frenzy of the holiday season, we hope you'll find much here to sustain your interest into the new year.

--Sara Beitia, Arts Editor


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