Xtranormal: Make a Movie Without the Movie 

Even with the ever-increasing accessibility of cameras and editing software, films are tough to make. They require people, planning, sets, lighting and occasionally, trained dancing bears and space ships. It's often much easier to just animate things, unless of course you don't know how to animate.

Well, for those who lack skills or resources--or are just working on a tight timeline--there's xtranormal.com, which does most of that work for you. All you have to do is choose from a large cast of pre-created characters and backgrounds--anything from robots and luchadores to Lego-esque celebrity avatars--then type your script into a few text boxes, toss in a few commands for actions or camera moves, and hit publish.

The website will then render your text into speech and animate the movie for you. Voila, your own animated film finished in the amount of time it takes to bake a chicken pot pie.

The site has a large variety of free options as well as paid upgrades. It also allows you to group your videos into series so you can crank out webisodes whenever the fancy strikes you. Series featured on the site include everything from parodies of Larry King Live, to a series of battle raps and even an animated interpretation of Eli Wiesel's holocaust memoir, Night.

And to think, all those suckers in Hollywood do the work themselves.

Check out BW's attempt with an old Cannibal Corpse interview.

[ Video is no longer available. ]
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