Yayo, May 14, Gusto 

At age 9, guitarist Yayo Sanchez's father bought him a KISS CD. Back in the day, a lot of youngsters found KISS in their dads' vinyl collections. But Sanchez took his love of Paul Stanley's gift with an axe a step further. Now, at the tender age of 16, the Austin, Texas-based Sanchez fronts his own rock band called Yayo, and along with bandmates 18-year-old Aaron Altounian and 17-year-old Peyton Burns, they have embarked on Wreckless '09, their debut tour.

With a four-song demo in hand, Yayo is working on a full-length they hope to have out by this summer and are in talks with a couple of "big labels." But as of Friday, they've only played five shows on the road and Sanchez said their ages have definitely been an obstacle. Bar/club owners aren't keen on letting teens in the door.

"They usually let Aaron in [because he's 18]. We say, 'Let us play one song. Let us show you what we're about. If you don't like us, we'll get off in five minutes. But let us play one song and then you tell [us] if you want us to play a full set.' So far, the venues have let us play. At the end of the show, we have everybody at the front of the stage rockin' out." Sanchez agreed that Austin isn't exactly known for the kind of music Yayo plays. Alt-country and indie rock rule Austin's roost, but Yayo is hoping to change that. With influences--and mentors--ranging from ex-KISSer Bruce Kulick and Broken Teeth's Jason McMasters to Quiet Riot and guitar master Slash, he said he can easily see the Red River District in Austin becoming the next Sunset Strip. And he hopes his band will be a big part of that.

"We're bringing old school back," he said, laughing.

--Amy Atkins

Thursday, May 14, $5, 8 p.m., with Brake Vegas, Sourvein, Old One Two. Gusto, 509 W. Main St.

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