Boise Weekly

Yodelin' in the Canyon

Minerva Jayne May 16, 2018 4:00 AM

Dear Minerva,

I am a healthy, sexually active, adult male who tries to practice safe sex in my activities (ie: using a condom when engaging in intercourse and fellatio). However, I have yet to come up with a "safe" way to engage in my favorite activity—cunninlingus. It seems rather silly to put a condom on my tongue, leaving my lips and mouth unprotected. Placing plastic wrap over the female genitalia deprives both partners of the pleasure of the activity. Any suggestions other than know my partners and frequent STD testing?


Eager Beaver Eater

Dear E.B.E,

Please don't put a condom on your tongue. While choking could be fun during oral sex, I don't think you want a condom lodged in your throat. You could, however, cut the tip and bottom band off of the condom, then cut down one side of it creating a DIY dental dam. It's not plastic wrap and can be an effective barrier to STD transmission. Your focus, however, seems to be on maintaining the pleasure of the activity. While oral sex is considered lower risk than other activities, the risk is still there. You have choices as an adult. Knowing your partners and getting frequent STD testing is responsible. After that, you must decide if less pleasure but more peace of mind is your preference over an STD. You have to be able to live with your choices and then act accordingly. And that's not just yodelin' in the canyon!