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Our favorite Christmas 2013 present-- and latest obsession--is Yonanas.

If the concept weren't so simple and the end result so delicious, we'd be skeptical, but we recently had a Yonanas taste-test in the Boise Weekly newsroom and we're hooked.

Retailing for around $49.99 (trust us, it's worth it), the Yonanas maker is the brainchild of the Dole fruit empire, which makes sense since the primary ingredient of most Yonanas recipes is a banana.

The three-step process to a delicious frozen treat couldn't be easier: When your bananas start to get those leopard spots that let you know they're overripe, peel them and stick them in the freezer until they're good and frozen. Combine with your other favorite fruits (strawberries, raspberries, melon, whatever), thaw for about 15 minutes, insert the frozen fruits into the Yonanas chute and presto... out come some pretty amazing frozen desserts. You can even add some frozen chocolate chips or cookie crumbles.

The thing that's most amazing is how creamy the Yonanas desserts are, yet you haven't added any dairy, let alone sugar or artificial ingredients.

Yonanas has also come out with a sleek looking "elite" model that retails for $129.99, but no worries--the basic model is just swell. Everything except the motor is dishwasher safe and making Yonanas is easy enough, and healthy enough, for children to make their own treats.


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