You'll Be Horror-fied at Empty Boat Theatre's the Acheri 

Friday, Dec. 2-Saturday, Dec. 3

Apocalyptic horror films are all the rage. Terrifying CGI creatures haunt and disembowel shrieking characters in a smoldering urban wasteland, meticulously crafted with big-budget special effects. But it is not often that you see these plots adapted from the screen to the stage.

Boise's Empty Boat Theatre Company, formerly Welsh/Garcia Productions, is taking on this task with its first official production, The Acheri.

"What we're calling The Acheri is actually a Native American story about a ghost," said director Dwayne Blackaller. "We started realizing that The Acheri is a sort of malevolent force that particularly preys on children."

The Acheri is an original creation, crafted during intensive improv workshops with the company's actors. The play examines how far humans will sink into the depths of terror when confronted with pending destruction.

"If you were to do the teaser in a nutshell: six survivors who can barely trust one another, holed up in an abandoned daycare in the middle of nowhere in Victor, Idaho," explained Blackaller. "They're in the middle of a terrible, terrible snowstorm and perpetual twilight, and as they try to figure out how to survive, they're trying to figure out whether or not they're going to be their own destruction or weather their humanity or something inside them is going to help them rise above."

To ratchet up the spook factor, Empty Boat will stage this production in the former Ceramica building at Fifth and Main streets. Empty Boat co-founders Hollis Welsh and Nick Garcia hope that the intimacy of the space will help create a thrilling, nontraditional experience.

After the show, make sure to stop by Pengilly's across the street for $1 off any drink with your ticket stub. You'll need a little liquid courage to stave off the pending nightmares.

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