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BW celebrates 12th annual Cover Auction

We did it again. Rather, they did it again. Or you did it again, if you were one of the 240 or so art lovers who piled into Visual Arts Collective on Nov. 20 to bid on 51 pieces of original, local artwork that had appeared on the cover of Boise Weekly.

It was high-stakes, high-speed bidding from the outset of BW's 12th annual Cover Auction, with paddle-wielding aficionados driving prices into the $500-range right out of the gate. The one that reached the highest price--a gorgeous watercolor boxing scene by Veiko Valencia titled "Process of Conflict," which ran on the cover of our May 29 edition--went for $1,000.

The competition stayed healthy throughout the evening, ultimately grossing $25,270--the second-highest amount raised at the event, after last year's record-breaking $26,959.

The bulk of the proceeds will go to BW's Cover Auction Grants, which benefit area art organizations and individual artists who are selected through an application process. All told, this year's Cover Auction Grant fund will exceed $10,000, bringing the grand total amount of cash funneled to local arts over the years to about $130,000.

This year was a little different, though. For the past few years, BW has not only allocated money raised at the auction to the above-mentioned grants but also to a partnering arts organization--last year it was the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. For the 2013 event, BW took home a portion of the proceeds.

Money raised from the sale of cover art dated May1-Sept. 25 will go to Boise Weekly to support our long-form investigative journalism efforts. Due to the generosity of attendees, that means we'll be able to apply about $10,000 to our core mission: digging deep into the stories that other media don't have the time, inclination or resources to pursue.

BW Publisher Sally Freeman was well pleased with the results of the auction, saying, "Our cover auction this year proved to be another great success, raising $25,000 to help support Boise Weekly and our commitment to the arts in our community."

Applications for BW Cover Auction Grant funding will be accepted until Feb. 14, 2014.

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