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Restaurants challenge you to eat the impossible

Demon's Delight Challenge at Superb Sushi.

Laurie Pearman

Demon's Delight Challenge at Superb Sushi.

Rockies Diner

The Johnny B. Goode Challenge: a burger challenge so big it was featured on the national television show Man v. Food. Start with a burger big enough to need a cart, a side of chili fries and a large shake—all together, it amounts to roughly 7 pounds of food. Rockies serves up its massive challenge from 6-9 p.m. nightly.

Number of Successful Eaters: 43

What You Get: Your name on the plaque, as well as a guitar or $100 gift certificate.

Big Jud's

It's a burger so big, it nearly has its own zip code. The Double Big Jud is 2 pounds of beefy goodness that comes topped with the works and accompanied by 1.5 pounds of fries and a large drink—and you only have 30 minutes to finish it all. It's another challenge featured on Man v. Food and the stuff of legend. Of course, the lightweights can go for the 1-pound single challenge but the glory is also cut in half.

Number of Successful Eaters: Double Big Jud: roughly 70 in 15 years. Single Big Jud: several thousand.

What You Get: Your picture on the Wall of Fame. Double Big Jud winners also get a free T-shirt and their meal, while Single Big Jud winners get a discount on a T-shirt.

Superb Sushi

It's called the Demon's Delight Challenge for a reason: 10 minutes to finish one bowl of miso soup from hell—wasabi powder, Sriracha sauce, Hot Streak death sauce, cayenne pepper, sesame oil, diced habanero pepper—followed by a Demon's Delight sushi roll with a side of death sauce infused with habanero. No water, no puking—seriously, that's in the rules. You must wait 5 minutes before eating anything else. But you're not done yet. Next is the Hot Streak Challenge—two spicy-tuna hand rolls with two sides of ghost pepper-infused Hot Streak death sauce, topped with two diced habaneros.

Need more? The Death Roll Challenge includes one Spicy Tuna roll infused with Jolokia Powder, two habanero peppers and one jolokia pepper and topped with spicy Tobiko sauce, another habanero pepper, No. 2 Death Sauce, Sriracha pepper sauce and dusted with more jolokia powder. While there's no time limit, you must wait five minutes after your last bite, and there's no nose-bleeding or vomiting—yes, nose bleeding is a risk.

For the bulk eaters, there's the La Bomba Roll Challenge. You have one hour to eat four giant La Bomba Rolls, a bowl of miso soup and four sides of Asian slaw.

Number of Successful Eaters: 19

What You Get: Make it through the Hot Streak Challenge and get your meal free, a T-shirt and your picture on the Wall of Flame. The Death Roll Challenge puts your picture on the highest challenge wall and gets you a T-shirt, your meal free and a $25 gift certificate. The La Bomba Roll challenge will get your picture on the wall, a free T-shirt and your meal. •

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