Pioneer Wildfire Less Contained, Grows to 100,000 Acres 'No Homework' Letter Stirs National Debate Rancher Says Horse Was Murdered at Eastern Idaho Mustang Sanctuary A Year of Attacks Leaves Paris' Streets Emptier Than Usual

New HUD Rules Change How Boise Houses the Homeless

“We’ve lost our funding. It’s tough to run that property”
On a day-to-day basis, HUD’s shifting funding priorities aren’t likely to have a major impact on how services are delivered but, in the long-term, the effects of pivoting to permanent supportive housing remain to be seen.

Pioneer Wildfire Less Contained, Grows to 100,000 Acres

A Level 2 evacuation order remains in effect for residents along the South Fork Road east of the Grimes Pass Road and along the South Fork Payette River.

Rancher Says Horse Was Murdered at Eastern Idaho Mustang Sanctuary

A veterinarian confirmed Aug. 21 that the horse's nasal cavity had been completely shattered and "believes someone did it," according to KIDK-TV

'No Homework' Letter Stirs National Debate

“Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance. Rather, I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success."

A Year of Attacks Leaves Paris' Streets Emptier Than Usual

“You almost feel like you’re in an episode of 'Walking Dead.'”

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Alive After Five: Jerry Joseph and The Jackmormons, Aug. 17

Joseph’s reggae pedigree gives the ecstatic sermon a rolling rhythm perfect for spaced out ruminations on the nature of divinity.

Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Aug. 20, Neurolux

WIBG’s atmospheric sound and sloppy garage rock combine to create what promises to be a killer live show on Saturday, Aug. 20.

Hihazel: Private Palace

Worship is easy, but creating a personal offering that neither blasphemes nor plagiarizes is difficult.
Private Palace may not break boundaries but it is a solid record from a confident band, and it’s a record that just gets better with repeat listens.

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Exhibition of New Work Reveals John Taye’s Eye for the Ordinary

A man of many-isms
“My style is ... classical realism or representational art, whatever you want to call it.”

Swell Artist Collective: 32 Cells

Friday, Aug. 19
A mug shot can also be the motivation for a work of art or two… or 32.

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Paying for Programs to Help the Homeless

How two homeless programs have made ends meet
Generous though our area residents may be, the precariousness of funding sources for these organizations underscores the need for stability in order to ensure their critical work can be accomplished into the future.

The Audition

From the far margins
When my name was called, Ivanka came out and greeted me with a stiff outstretched hand. Digging her colored nails into my flesh, she whispered loudly, “There is no f*cking way you are getting this job.”

Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge
I believe the quality of the relationship is far more important than the longevity—even if my old-fashioned girl’s heart longs for one of those milestone relationships of yore.

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UPDATE: Middleton H.S. Grad Runs Rio Olympic Marathon

Carlos Trujillo completed the Rio Olympics men's marathon at 2:20:24, coming in 67th place out of a field of 155 runners from 79 nations. Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya won the marathon, completing the race at 2:08:44.

Boise Celebration Set for Gold-Medal Cyclist Kristin Armstrong

Armstrong, who lives in Boise, won her third Olympic gold medal Aug. 10 in the Women's Time Trials

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Strange Attraction

The pitch-perfect nostalgia of Netflix's new series Stranger Things and the dark-hearted allure of BoJack Horseman
To call Stranger Things a success is downplaying its effect, with fans and critics alike gushing over its feast of nostalgic homages coupled with a genuinely gripping story.

The Third Annual Idaho Horror Film Festival Brings New Life to the Undead

Big-name guests and early screenings build anticipation for film fest
IHFF strives to get Idaho filmmakers involved. There's a locals-only category—called Spud and Guts—and Idahoans aren't charged for their submissions.

The Innocents: Keeping the Faith (and the Babies)

Now playing at The Flicks
“My faith is 24 hours of doubt for one-minute of hope.”

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Mexican-Style Lagers

With apologies to our south-of-the-border friends, American craft breweries—having taken the style to heart—are producing some admirable results.

Bites of Boise

New nosheries, established eateries and food-and-drink fests
All the news that's fit to eat.

St(r)eam Coffee and Tea Bike Artist Studio/Gallery Tour

Saturday, Aug. 20
While Boise gets hot and dry, Garden City is blooming—with art.

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Lt. Col. David Frakt

In the shadows of Guantanamo
"They invented war crimes and they invented a new category of war criminal."

Mariah Walton

A matter of faith and death
Mariah Walton appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America to insist Idaho law needs to protect children from parents who use their faith as a shield when accused of neglecting their children’s well-being.

Cassandra Bissell and Juan Rivera Lebron

Stars of Idaho Shakespeare Festival's Twelfth Night
"This is how these Shakespeare comedies were written to be performed. And Boise audiences always want us to win."

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