What a Waste Obama Wants You to Have Cheap, Fast Internet, But Many Cities Aren’t Allowed to Provide It Beer Glut Overcoat

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Four Rivers Classic Car Show @ Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum

BW Slideshow and Audio: President Barack Obama's Visit to Boise State

Here are the images and sounds from Obama's January 21st visit to Boise State University

JFAC's Bitter Pill

Idaho's Medicaid program is looking for $6.5 million - $1.9 million in state general funds - for its Sovaldi program.
The cost is astronomical: about $1,000 per pill, or $84,000 for a course of treatment.

Tom Criner and Jennifer Cundiff

A lifetime of serving (and even saving a life)
"He handed me a $50 bill and said, 'Thank you for saving my life.' It's really something to hear those words."

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Food News Round-Up

NEON Moves to Garden City, Flora's Bake Shop serves up sweets in Hyde Park
From organic produce to beer and baked goods, here's what's happening this week in the Boise food scene.

Honey Liqueurs

BW reviews three entries with Scottish, Irish and German pedigrees
Sweet booze usually means a not-so-sweet morning after. These honey liqueurs are (mostly) all well worth the risk.

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Idaho Dance Theatre: Winter Show

Jan. 22-25
Get out of the cold and warm up with IDT's hot Winter Show at the Boise State Special Events Center.

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Haunted Summer Triumphs Over Turmoil

The ghosts and glory of Moody and Seasons
"...cryptic, quietly troubling lyrics undercut the dreaminess of their sound and give the songs an appropriately haunting quality."

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Banff Mountain Film Festival

Monday, Jan. 26-Wednesday, Jan. 28
Get your heart pumping with three days of adventure films at the Egyptian Theatre.

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Slamun Bound

More 'Randem Thinks' from MulletBoy
"So I figure now is as good a time as any to check in on MulletBoy."

The Puritan Impulse

Another creative writing lesson
You may not want to write as a Puritan, but remember that no one who writes escapes literary tradition. A good portion of your audience has been educated to see things the Puritan way.

No Time to Worry

Giant salamanders, political engagement and newborns
"I want my daughter to grow into someone who pays attention to the struggles of people around the world and helps as she can."

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Video: Idaho's Esthetic Evolution Releases Mini-Doc Trailer


Faith Groups Buy Billboards Supporting HB 002 "Add the Words"


Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Endorses Add the Words, Uber


Department of Labor: Idaho's December 2014 Jobless Rate Lowest in Seven Years


Ohio Gov. John Kasich Stops in Boise for National Balanced Budget Amendment


Making SkyMall's Boise Connection


The Toasters Return to Boise Jan. 25 at The Shredder


Traffic Flowing Again on Warm Springs


Mr. Cope's Cave: Blue Square Fits in Red Circle


Elysian Brewing Purchased by Anheuser-Busch

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