Steve Granado Red Cross: Critical Blood Shortage, Demand Outpacing Supply Story Story Late Night Willie Nelson, July 26, Outlaw Field

Many Nations, One Fear: A Refugee's Take on Police Violence Against People of Color

Fleeing to America from state violence, only to find it in your new home
“[The Congo] is very different from what I saw here. Here, [the police] can talk to you nicely. You feel safe. In Africa, they just kill.”

Idaho Conservation League, Novolex At Odds Over Emissions From Jerome Plastic Bag Manufacturer

"Citizens have a right to know what’s in the air they breathe. First responders and firefighters need to know what chemicals are on sight so they can proceed safely.”

Red Cross: Critical Blood Shortage, Demand Outpacing Supply

Red Cross officials said every two seconds in the U.S. someone needs blood platelets.

Rhodes Skate Park Grand Opening to Attract World-Class Skateboarders

Top national skaters Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, Nick Garcia, Greyson Fletcher, Chad Tim Tim, Mason Silva, Mark Appleyard, Julian Davidson, Tom Schaar, Chris Colburn, Dominick Walker and Ethan Loy are all scheduled to attend.

Plans Emerging for Proposed Affordable Housing Apartments in Whitewater Neighborhood

The Boise Planning and Zoning Commission will consider a conditional use permit for the Sandhill Crane Apartments at its Monday, Aug. 1 meeting.

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Willie Nelson, July 26, Outlaw Field

The father of Outlaw Country will live up to his moniker Tuesday, July 26 when he takes the stage at the Idaho Botanical Garden as part of the Outlaw Field Concert Series.

Alive After Five: The Smites, July 20

If you caught The Smites at Alive After Five in June, you were probably put off by the rain. This time, the forecast is sunny, with a 100 percent chance of awesomeness.

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14th Annual Juried Art Show

Wednesday, July 20
If anyone understands what it takes to make an exhibit, it’s Taye.

Flash Poetry Competition

Friday, July 22
Ellsworth said she anticipates a pretty great evening. And no need to sign-up—just drop in and be prepared to ready, set, write—in a flash.

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Heavy News Followed by Heavenly Pizza

With no shortage of big issues and fraught political news, we cast a wide net in this week’s edition of Boise Weekly.

From the Far Margins

Seven stories about "The good"
Everyone thinks they are the good people, he thought. And he looked around the room at the boys and girls in chairs in tidy rows out in front of the teacher’s desk, and he wondered which ones were sure they were the good people.

Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge
It is a great day and age to be alive, isn’t it? We live in a world that has vibrators aplenty! What does one do with a vibrator?

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Slideshow: Catching the Action at the Snake River Stampede

The 101st Annual Snake River Stampede runs through Saturday, July 23.

Boise Depot Live Music and Tours

Thursday, July 14
According to Boise Parks and Recreation, the event is part of an effort to provide more opportunities for the public to experience the depot.

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Absolutely Fabulous and Ghostbusters: Funny, Feminine and Fearless

Female protagonists, front and center
Neither is a perfect movie, but both are significantly better than much of the testosterone-driven drivel filling cineplexes of late.

What Are This Weekend's Best 'Movie Values?' July 22-24

Boise Weekly weighs this week’s selection of films at Treasure Valley cinemas with extra consideration for how much audiences have to shell out for a ticket.

What Are This Weekend's Best 'Movie Values?' July 15-17

Boise Weekly weighs this week’s selection of films at Treasure Valley cinemas with extra consideration for how much audiences have to shell out for a ticket.

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North End Pizza Offers Top Notch ’Za in the Perfect Hyde Park Digs

Say ‘aye’ to these pies
You’re paying for high quality ’za in a well tailored space that feels like it has always had a place in Hyde Park.

Westward Coffee & Supply Brings More Craft Joe to Downtown Boise

Westward keeps things simple.

Double Mountain Sours

They make for a great counterpoint to IPAs, substituting tart flavors for hop bitterness.

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Steve Granado

Loving baseball, win or lose (but winning is better)
Granado took a break from the bustle to talk about the Hawks, his broadcast idol and being his own toughest critic.

Dick Fosbury

Still clearing the high bar
"We're all human beings. Some athletes came home from the Olympics and walked away from their sport, but I've developed a pretty good network of athletes who continue to give back."

Scott Anderson

Zions CEO on why investing in the arts is money in the bank
The CEO and president of Zions Bank, has “amassed a reputation that hovers far more toward George Bailey than J.P. Morgan.”

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