Environmental Advocates: Wildfires Need to Factor Into Measuring Air Quality Woody Allen's Cafe Society: The Artist and The Art of Deception How to Build a Boise Branch Library (Book by Book) Annual Manual 2016

How to Build a Boise Branch Library (Book by Book)

Boise prepares for the much-anticipated Bown Branch
"The Bown project is my favorite. What can I say? I'm a book guy. Plus, my family lives in southeast Boise. So, I'm excited on a personal level."

Environmental Advocates: Wildfires Need to Factor Into Measuring Air Quality

Not factoring wildfire smoke imagines Boise's air quality better than it actually is.

Idaho Educators on Plagiarism, Politics and Melania Trump

“Plagiarism in the political setting further normalizes lying and fraud.”

Fitch Upgrades Boise Revenue Refunding Bonds to AAA

Fitch analysts wrote the city of Boise is "well positioned to withstand a moderate economic recession," with reserve levels remaining high while retaining "substantial flexibility" to reduce expenditures.

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Alive After Five: Tony Furtado, July 27

“Tolling low has cracked my shell/ Don’t waste your hammer on a broken bell.”

Battlehooch, July 28, Neurolux

“I think that everyone would like at least one Battlehooch song.”

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Art in the Bar No. 12

Saturday, July 30
Paintings, sculpture, digital media… you name it.

Boise’s Funniest Person

Saturday, July 30
Starting with 20 would-be comics, contestants were paired with coaches—all local professional standup comics—then winnowed down to the final five for the big show on Saturday, July 30.

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Words, Deeds, Creeps and Eats

To borrow a phrase, cheaters never prosper—in the classroom or at the dais.

Late-Justice Scalia's Faint-Hearted Support of Gun Rights

Late-Justice Scalia's faint-hearted support of gun rights
Though Scalia does establish an individual right to bear arms, he leaves it a rather vague right.

Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge
Learning to love yourself even when it seems there is no one else will make sure that you include yourself in your definition of “your people.”

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Let The Games Begin: Idaho's Olympic Dreamers

Gymnasts, swimmers and athletes of every shape and size sharpen their focus
"Once the Olympics are on, we definitely see a lot more interest. Our sport gets more publicity and we love seeing other people around us being so excited."

Slideshow: Catching the Action at the Snake River Stampede

The 101st Annual Snake River Stampede runs through Saturday, July 23.

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Woody Allen's Cafe Society: The Artist and The Art of Deception

It's a lovely film Heywood, but....
The news behind the scenes of the kingdom of Heywood (yes, that’s Mr. Allen’s first name) is not as lovely as many of his films.

What Are This Weekend's Best 'Movie Values?' July 22-24

Boise Weekly weighs this week’s selection of films at Treasure Valley cinemas with extra consideration for how much audiences have to shell out for a ticket.

Absolutely Fabulous and Ghostbusters: Funny, Feminine and Fearless

Female protagonists, front and center
Neither is a perfect movie, but both are significantly better than much of the testosterone-driven drivel filling cineplexes of late.

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Cutter's Grand BBQ Lives Up to its Name

Pit Stop
“You know how when you’re camping and you’re cooking something over a campfire, the food just tastes better? That’s what we want to do here.”

San Inazio Festival

Friday-Sunday, July 29-31
Basque in the glow of San Inazio


Three to beat the heat
Lighter reds are the ticket—ones with forward fruit and little or no tannins.

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Dr. John Livingston

On charity, Medicaid and Idaho's largest hospitals
"What I do for another person is charity. But when the government becomes the conduit of charity it's giving somebody else's money away. It's a very bad thing."

Steve Granado

Loving baseball, win or lose (but winning is better)
Granado took a break from the bustle to talk about the Hawks, his broadcast idol and being his own toughest critic.

Dick Fosbury

Still clearing the high bar
"We're all human beings. Some athletes came home from the Olympics and walked away from their sport, but I've developed a pretty good network of athletes who continue to give back."

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