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What Lies Beneath

How 78,000 Idahoans were right below the surface of a Statehouse scandal
"Yes, we crafted legislation. Yes, we were prepared to present it to the Legislature."

Austin Fire Department Tells Boise, 'Wildfire is Everyone's Fight'

Austin and Boise swap firefighting knowledge at the Southwest Idaho Wildfire Mitigation Forum
Boise Fire Department likes the way Austin trains for evacuations, Austin Fire Department likes the goats.

New Child Support Bill Surfaces Which Triggers Special Session of Idaho Legislature

The special session has been slated to begin Monday, May 18.

Poll: Republicans Angrier at Idaho Legislators Over 2015 Session Than Dems

A poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates shows that Idahoans have a low opinion of this year's legislative session.

CWI Announces Matching Scholarship Program Through IDeal

The College of Western Idaho has announced a matching grant program through the IDeal college savings account program.

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The Future's So Bright

Shades prepares for album release, PR campaign
"The idea used to be that you would just give your music and someone would take care of all that. ... But now, you literally have to start to know."

Revolt Revolt

Tuesday, May 5 at The Crux
Teamed up with fellow locals, garage band Mindrips, Revolt Revolt is kicking off a monthlong West Coast tour ahead of the Aug. 4 release of their new EP Wild Unraveling.

Sick of Sarah

Wednesday, May 6 at Neurolux
Sick of Sarah carries on the tradition of riot grrls' punk rock but with less scowling.

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Lit, Rock Film and Fine Art

Clay and fire sale, summer camps and more
Explore forms like poetry and short stories, engage their ears for music with songwriting, tackle the novel with Boise author Christian Winn and, for older students, workshop college admissions essays.

Ming Studios Throws Anniversary Bash

Ming Studios celebrated its first anniversary Friday, May 1.

Mixed Media: Measuring the State of the Arts Economy

"We have some holes and areas where we do things well. We need to help create structures that help this class survive."

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Ask Bill About It

Oh, goody. Dick's back
"That's why I invented you, Dick. To enable me to visualize what effect my words are having on the type of people who would consider Sarah Palin presidential material, but not Hillary Clinton."

Mr. Cope's Cave: What About Bernie Sanders?

'For the first time in my memory, an honest-to-god, self-avowed socialist is going to be running for president on a major party ticket, and people are going to realize they agree with 90 percent of what he says.'

Mr. Cope's Cave: They Owe Us

Make lawmakers pay for the special legislative session: "If you or I went down to the Statehouse and got caught busting a vase or screwing up a urinal, you can bet we'd get the bill for it, yes?"


Some big wins—and one big loss
Kudos go to News Editor George Prentice, Associate Editor Amy Atkins, staffers Harrison Berry and Jessica Murri, and freelancer Ben Schultz for their stellar work in 2014.

Tan Kew

No, No, Tan Kew
"Kew is a place of peace, in spite of its location directly under an approach path to Heathrow."

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Mayweather Beats Pacquiao

"When the history books are written, it was worth the wait,"

Nearly Half the Tickets for the Basque Soccer Friendly: Sold

The soccer match takes place on Wednesday, July 29
Since the tickets went on sale April 27, 15,000 of them have already been bought up. That leaves 21,000 for the taking.

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Cloudy With a Chance of Greatness

Clouds of Sils Maria is not to be missed
Now playing at The Flicks.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Scores Second Biggest Opening In History

Globally, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is a juggernaut, pulling in an estimated $627 million in 12 days of release.

Liar, Liar, Planet on Fire

Merchants of Doubt masterfully exposes masters of manipulation
Now playing at The Flicks.

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Q&A with Winemaker Bo Barrett

Chateau Montelena CEO stops by Boise's Capitol Cellars
"Bottle Shock is a love story to Napa Valley wine. When they told us they were going to make the movie, I actually joked around and said, 'What is it going to be, eight minutes long? Everybody knows what happened, who's going to pay to see that?'"

The Cans Can

Can you do the can-can?
"The palate is smooth and creamy, offering a hearty hit of pine-laced hops up front that mingle nicely with the soft malt and tropical fruit."

El Cafetal Colombian Restaurant

A filling Colombian feast
This fare is not for the faint of appetite.

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Emily Walton

Galoshes, potatoes, politics and ruffling feathers
"I remember on my first day, three men said they couldn't work with a female supervisor and they walked off of the job. I said, 'All right. Get out of here.'"

Dr. Michael Allen

ISIS: America's next war
"In addition to being terrible to humans, ISIS is terrible to human culture. And I think they're shocking more and more people with every passing day."

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