Much-Anticipated Refugee Exhibition Ready for Downtown Boise Installations Jim Jefferies at the Morrison Center I Love the ’90s Tour, Outlaw Field, Aug. 25 Pioneer Fire Continues to Grow; Many of This Summer's Fires Human-Caused

The Other Election: Issue Driven, Nonpartisan and Above All, Civil

Three Boise School Board candidates will compete for two seats on Tuesday, Sept. 6
"You'll never hear me say anything negative about them."

Hundreds of Seized, Unclaimed Bikes, Cars, ATVs, Guns Up For Auction This Weekend

According to Corbett Auctions, Scott, Schwinn, Bianchi and Fisher bikes will be on the auction block, along with other items seized by police, including jewelry iPhones, electronics and tools.

Italian Earthquake Has Seismologists Talking... in the Pacific Northwest

"The one thing we know is, if there’s even a moderately strong earthquake—unreinforced masonry buildings will have a lot of problems."

Pioneer Fire Continues to Grow; Many of This Summer's Fires Human-Caused

Fire causes have include escaped campfires, field burns and debris burns, farming and logging equipment failures and car fires.

Fulcher Announces Another Run for Idaho Governor

“Our message of empowerment, advancement and citizen-led state control over federal dependency resonated loudly."

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In the Driver's Seat

Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo confirms critics' claims with Teens of Denial
The man who performs under the moniker Car Seat Headrest was young when he began writing, playing and recording what would evolve into songs The New Yorker called “so well formed, with such a divine lilt and of such sturdy beauty,” but he wasn’t a toddler.

Alive After Five: Lounge on Fire

Lounge on Fire specializes in spitfire lyrics delivered at rap/scat speed.

I Love the ’90s Tour, Outlaw Field, Aug. 25

Laugh all you want about rapper pants and flat-top fades, but to alter a phrase from Rob Base, “It takes six to make a thing go right.”

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Jim Jefferies at the Morrison Center

Friday, Aug. 26
"My whole skill in life is being able to say horrible things and still seem likeable.”

Boise Public Library Comic Con

Saturday, Aug. 27
Get your fill of comics and comics culture at the fourth annual Boise Public Library Comic Con, featuring panel discussions, a costume contest and comic-themed activities at the Main Library.

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Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge
The desire to give should not be guided by the expectation to receive.

The Definition of ‘Awesome’

Despite the grimness peddled by some lobbyists, legislators, professional pundits and flacks, life-changing successes occur all the time throughout our education system—and they frequently do occur in spite of the work of those lobbyists, legislators, pundits and flacks.

For Which We Stand

Idaho, despite the state Legislature’s roster, is a diverse state, with more than 20 percent registered as Hispanic or non-white.

An Open Letter to Butch Otter

Opioids are dangerous, but for decades have been nearly the only option for chronic pain sufferers. But that is changing.

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Western Idaho Fair

Runs through Sunday, Aug. 28
There are certainly fairs and festivals aplenty in every corner of Idaho, but the Western Idaho Fair is still the Shangri-La for nearly 250,000 attendees each August.

Krishna’s Birthday/Janmashtami

Thursday, Aug. 25
Krishna is one of Hinduism’s most important figures: the absolute incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he’s the religion’s supreme being, a prankster, a model lover and generally the bees knees.

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Lo and Behold: Werner in the World Is Herzog Taking Us Now?

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World
“Look into the eyes of a chicken, and you’ll see real stupidity."

Strange Attraction

The pitch-perfect nostalgia of Netflix's new series Stranger Things and the dark-hearted allure of BoJack Horseman
To call Stranger Things a success is downplaying its effect, with fans and critics alike gushing over its feast of nostalgic homages coupled with a genuinely gripping story.

The Third Annual Idaho Horror Film Festival Brings New Life to the Undead

Big-name guests and early screenings build anticipation for film fest
IHFF strives to get Idaho filmmakers involved. There's a locals-only category—called Spud and Guts—and Idahoans aren't charged for their submissions.

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Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio Throwdown

We blind tasted three of each with Northwest Pinot Gris the winner.

Mexican-Style Lagers

With apologies to our south-of-the-border friends, American craft breweries—having taken the style to heart—are producing some admirable results.

Bites of Boise

New nosheries, established eateries and food-and-drink fests
All the news that's fit to eat.

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Dr. Adria David and Valerie Uhlorn

Back to school, their own educational roots and the 'boo-hoo, yahoo room'
"We have a separate room, the "boo-hoo, yahoo" room," and about 15 minutes after kindergarten starts, we have to start moving the parents out. So, we say, let's head to "boo-hoo, yahoo" where there's coffee and donuts. At some point, we have to start celebrating."

Lt. Col. David Frakt

In the shadows of Guantanamo
"They invented war crimes and they invented a new category of war criminal."

Mariah Walton

A matter of faith and death
Mariah Walton appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America to insist Idaho law needs to protect children from parents who use their faith as a shield when accused of neglecting their children’s well-being.

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