'Food Truck' Voting: Welcome to the Era of Mobile Polling Places Children’s Library to Honor Boise Boy Lost in Drowning Tragedy A Bridge to Somewhere: Broadway Span Will Reopen for BSU Home Opener Jennifer Martinez

'Food Truck' Voting: Welcome to the Era of Mobile Polling Places

The customized mobile polling place was designed for "disaster recovery."
"Picture a food truck, and that’s a pretty good idea of what you’ll experience at our new mobile voting unit”

Children’s Library to Honor Boise Boy Lost in Drowning Tragedy

Ilai Mizrachi-Gabbitas' parents are working to establish a children’s library at the Chabad Jewish Community Center of Idaho, where Ilai studied Hebrew.

A Bridge to Somewhere: Broadway Span Will Reopen for BSU Home Opener

While ITD officials have been elusive about whether the span would be open by kickoff, Boise State officials confirmed Aug. 29 they’d been told by transportation officials to plan on it.

Circling the Dixie Drain

A new solution to the Boise River's phosphorous problem
Untreated, the Boise River contains approximately 4,000 micrograms of phosphorus per liter.

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Great Dane, Sept. 1, Reef

You’ll be beating yourself up if you don’t beat feet to this sweet show of national talent.

Hermit Music Festival

Friday-Sunday, Sept. 2-4
More locations, more workshops, more musicians...just more.

Alive After Five: Afrosonics, Aug. 31

To call their sound “world music” is literally accurate—led by Dayo “Ariwo” Ayodele, of Nigeria, band members hail from as far as Congo Brazzaville and Surinam, and as near as California and Boise—but the label doesn’t quite do them justice.

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First Thursday: A Full Palette of Local Art

Art abounds downtown

First Thursday: Angie Smith’s "Stronger Shines the Light Inside"

What drew Smith in during a visit to Boise five or six years ago, though, was not the city’s past: It was its new role as a haven for refugees.

First Thursday: Judas Arrieta’s Wonder Stories

“For any self-respecting Basque, Boise, Idaho, is a place of history and encounter, an almost mythical place, a kind of Basque Atlantis that you need to visit before you die.’’

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Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge
Most of us learned how to form lines in kindergarten and I certainly doubt anyone out there enjoys being cut in front of.

From the Far Margins

Today across Idaho, more than 30 teenagers at a time show up in rooms with a single adult at the helm.

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Consulate of Mexico Latino Fest

Saturday, Sept. 3
With the theme comunidades hermanas, or “sister communities,” Latino Fest invites any and all to experience music, food, art and dance.

Japan Day 2016

Monday, Sept. 5
From Taiko drumming and martial arts to crafts and kabuki, the land of the rising sun is coming to the Basque Block.

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Little Big Men

Little Men explores life's simple pleasures... and pains.
Little Men captures the mystery of adolescence washed away by adulthood: Little things mean a great deal.

Lo and Behold: Werner in the World Is Herzog Taking Us Now?

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World
“Look into the eyes of a chicken, and you’ll see real stupidity."

Strange Attraction

The pitch-perfect nostalgia of Netflix's new series Stranger Things and the dark-hearted allure of BoJack Horseman
To call Stranger Things a success is downplaying its effect, with fans and critics alike gushing over its feast of nostalgic homages coupled with a genuinely gripping story.

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Two Mules to Sip and Savor

Take a ride with a pair of Moscow Mules
Sauce scholars tend to agree that despite its unlikely creation, the Moscow Mule introduced vodka to the American drinking public and launched the spirit, which would become the most-heavily consumed in the country

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio Throwdown

We blind tasted three of each with Northwest Pinot Gris the winner.

Mexican-Style Lagers

With apologies to our south-of-the-border friends, American craft breweries—having taken the style to heart—are producing some admirable results.

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Jennifer Martinez

Congressional candidate and bride-to-be
"Mike Simpson has publicly said that he supports Trump, even though he may disagree with some of his policy stances. Putting your party before country is not OK."

Dr. Adria David and Valerie Uhlorn

Back to school, their own educational roots and the 'boo-hoo, yahoo room'
"We have a separate room, the "boo-hoo, yahoo" room," and about 15 minutes after kindergarten starts, we have to start moving the parents out. So, we say, let's head to "boo-hoo, yahoo" where there's coffee and donuts. At some point, we have to start celebrating."

Lt. Col. David Frakt

In the shadows of Guantanamo
"They invented war crimes and they invented a new category of war criminal."

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