Concert for Kids Benefiting the Idaho Youth Ranch

Concert for Kids Benefiting the Idaho Youth Ranch

Wednesday, May 24 at The Knitting Factory
The all ages show is a shouldn't-miss chance to catch Joseph, a must-see band.
Idaho Fish and Game: Spring Chinook Salmon Run 'Very Late and Very Low'

Idaho Fish and Game: Spring Chinook Salmon Run 'Very Late and Very Low'

"We're never seen anything quite like this. The question has been, 'Is it late?' or 'Is it low?' And now it's looking like it's very late and very low."
Foxygen, May 23, The Knitting Factory

Foxygen, May 23, The Knitting Factory

The band's live performances are reputedly raucous, theatrical affairs featuring huge backup bands and outlandish behavior by vocalist Sam France.
<i>The Lovers</i> (And Other Strangers)

The Lovers (And Other Strangers)

Is it truly cheating if the one you're cheating with is the one you've been cheating on?
Opens Friday, May 26 at The Flicks

Idaho Fish and Game: Spring Chinook Salmon Run 'Very Late and Very Low'

"We're never seen anything quite like this. The question has been, 'Is it late?' or 'Is it low?' And now it's looking like it's very late and very low."

May 22, 2017: What to Know

Trump visits the Western Wall, the Cosby sexual assault trial begins, Ringling Brothers folds up the big top for the last time, why Jimmy Fallon struggles to best his late-night rivals, say hello (again) to Twin Peaks and an all-ramen restaurant opens in downtown Boise.

Trump Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Jerusalem's Western Wall

Trump's visit to the wall came as part of his first trip abroad as president. The trip includes stops at important sites for Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Trump Slams Iran in First Foreign Speech, Delivered From Saudi Arabia

"Behind every pair of eyes is a soul that yearns for justice and yearns for peace."

Brazil Not Undone By Washington's Chaos

“We’re in an absurd situation. There is no way to stay in power for a government in which the president speaks openly about bribes, a key ally discusses killing people, and other allies get leaked information about the central bank."

May 21, 2017: What to Know

Trump's turnabout on Islam, the planet's largest ice sheet is melting, a big hot dog recall, the Idaho unemployment rate falls and can you imagine a President Rock?

Demoralized White House Staff Happy to Be Left Behind As Trump Makes Foreign Visit

Some half-joke that an innocuous "How are you?" has become something like an existential question, as they whisper to each other about the latest staffing rumors.

May 20, 2017: What to Know

Donald Trump's big Middle East adventure, floodwaters are forcing Eagle residents out of their homes, a body is discovered at a rural interstate rest stop, another firing at Fox, Anderson Cooper rips a guest and a fond farewell to Bobby Moynihan

DBA State of Downtown Coming Attractions: A Stadium Update and Al Fresco Dining in the Middle of Capitol Boulevard

"We're ready to take this on. The stadium will be the catalyst for development which will help pay for the stadium.'

May 19, 2017: What to Know

Trump dreads his overseas trip, good news for Julian Assange, a frightening feris wheel accident and an Uber appointment goes terribly wrong.

How Impeachment Works

What's the role of the courts? They don't have one. "There isn't any judicial review of impeachment decisions."

Boise Concert Promoter Eric Gilbert on PWR BTTM Sex Assault Allegations: 'It's Disappointing'

"[Because of] how they were positioned in the industry, their fan base was sensitive to this subject."

Panera Bread Coming to Downtown Boise

In paperwork filed with the city, developers explained that bringing the proposed Panera Bread franchise building closer to Myrtle Street allowed for a drive-through.

Opening Library at Bown Crossing, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter Confirms Effort to Build New Main Library By 2020

Kevin Booe: "I tasked our design team, (Portland-based Fletcher, Farr, Ayotte) with several design challenges. No. 1, bring the outside in and the inside out."

May 18, 2017: What to Know

The passing of Roger Ailes, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones apologizes to Chobani, floodwaters send some Eagle residents packing, a Hooligan Island appears in northern Idaho and meet Young Sheldon.

The Strange History of Ransomware

It was only within the past 15 years that the hobbyist hackers were replaced by criminals seeking to weaponize viruses like ransomware.

Video: Nasty Brawl Breaks Out in D.C. Outside Turkey Ambassador's Residence

Police managed to keep the rival groups apart at first, but eventually were outmuscled and outmaneuvered.

May 17, 2017: What to Know

Black Lives Matter, a Boise man behind bars after leaving suddenly with his children for Nevada and new details about James Comey's final days at the F.B.I.

Boise Band Hillfolk Noir Hits It Big With Junkerpunch

"If John Steinbeck owned a speakeasy, Hillfolk Noir would be the house band."

Election Results: Muchow, Kloc Win Seats in GBAD Election

Kristin Muchow, who hadn't run for any office since she was in high school, led the pack with 5,294 votes, amounting to 39.6 percent of the vote.

Moral Authority: ISP Sting of Burlesque Triggers Another Lawsuit Against Idaho

"What we're talking about is freedom of expression, but we're also talking about Idaho using a liquor license as the heavy hammer."

A New (And Free) Solution to Downtown Boise's Parking Crunch

"If the service is popular, that would be a great problem to have. This is a test to see if people can get over their separation anxiety from their vehicles."


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