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City of (Mulched) Trees

Most of the trees lining the north side of Idaho Street from Fifth Street to Capitol Boulevard will be torn out for new sidewalks.
The signs read: "This tree is to be removed after ___ days for the following reason..." with reasons ranging from "construction" to "CCDC Streetscape Project."

Idaho BLM Auctions 6,000+ Acres for Oil, Gas Exploration, Grosses $3.8M

The auctioned parcels include 997 acres of BLM-administered lands and 5,352 acres of split estate (private surface with BLM-managed subsurface) within a 15,644 acre area in Payette County.

Northern Idaho School Board Agrees to Keep Of Mice and Men on Reading List

The Steinbeck novel had been on the district's reading list for nearly a dozen years, yet there had never been a parent in the district requesting an "opt-out."

New Director for One Idaho Youth Facility While Another Closes Its Doors

The Idaho Youth Ranch has announced it will be discontinuing residential drug and alcohol treatment for teen boys at its Anchor House program.

Police Blotter: Video Voyeurism and Shoplifters Caught with Meth, Weed

Employees of a clothing store near the Boise Towne Square mall contacted Boise Police May 31.

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Eilen Jewell: Songbirds and Worried Minds

Eilen Jewell talks about Idaho, her daughter and her new album
Written in Idaho City and McCall and recorded in Garden City, Sundown Over Ghost Town draws inspiration from Jewell's experiences in her home state of Idaho.

Boise Rock School End-of-Session Gig

Saturday, May 30 at Boise WaterCooler
Celebrate soon-to-be-summer with BRS' end-of-spring-session mini-fest.

The Weepies

Wednesday, June 3 at Knitting Factory
The Weepies' new album might make you cry ... but in a good way.

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BCT's 'SuperSecretSiteSpecificSomething' Feels Canned

Site-specific theater is about making theater more organic, but in the case of S5 that experience is muted by the technology—rather than coming across as spontaneous and real, the action came canned and digitized.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival's Opening Weekend: Dial 'M' for Murder

Friday, May 29 (Preview), Saturday, May 30 (Opening night)
When murder calls... hang up.

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Beginning Our Descent

Three tales of the Bakken
When future accountants—if accountants still exist in a barter economy—tally up the costs and profits of Bakken oil production, the bottom line will be red.

Mr. Cope's Cave: 23 Dimwits... Absolutely!

Lest we forget, "state sovereignty" has been the battle whine of some of the most repugnant beasts in American history.

Humpty Dumpty Country

Where will Republicans be when the lights go out?
Could it be that I was given a glimpse with that mayor's attitude into the future of the GOP's approach to public service?

You Paid for Vito Barbieri to Attend a Bill Mill Conference in Dallas

Your tax dollars at work
You don't need a think-tank to see that there may well be something "off" about a lawmaker who "espouses" small government and low taxation while asking citizens to foot the bill for his "fellowship" meetings with corporate lobbyists.

Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge
Blood is thicker than water.

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UPDATE: Athletic Club de Bilbao Loses Soccer Match; Reschedules Basque Soccer Friendly for July 18

Boise Weekly caught up with a few fans who watched the game from all over the world.

Basque Soccer Friendly Opens Downtown Boise Retail Store

The Basque Soccer Friendly shop sells merchandise for the game—as well as merch from Athletic Club de Bilbao and Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente.

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Unhappily Never After: Tomorrowland and Mad Max: Fury Road

Wake me when tomorrow is over
Tomorrowland is an idea in search of a movie, Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie in search of an idea.

Jenner Takes New Name, Breaks Twitter Record After Vanity Fair Reveal

Jenner launched a new Twitter account on Monday as @Caitlyn_Jenner, saying "I'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world Caitlyn."

Box Office: San Andreas Soars to $53.2 Million

"San Andreas" took in more than five times as much as the $10 million opening of Sony's romantic comedy "Aloha," which arrived at 2,815 sites amid extensive negative buzz.

Trevor Noah To Take Over Daily Show on September 28

Jon Stewart's last show will be on Aug. 6 after hosting for 16 years in which he became one of America's most popular political satirists.

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The Reason for the Saison

Crooked Fence creates exotically flavored beer for the World Village
Introducing the World Village Saison—brewed with spices from the Boise International Market, with proceeds going to the World Village festival.

Thinking Outside the Box

Not all box wine is bad wine
We're not talking about the cheap, nondescript box wines that come off the grocery store shelves.

Fanci-Freez: a Food Truck, Thousands of Milkshakes and a Baby

We returned to Fanci Freez to learn about the burger-and-shake joint's new food truck.

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Nick Steen and Robyn Cohen

Dial "M" for Murder co-stars help launch Idaho Shakespeare Festival's 39th season
Cohen: "He is wonderful in this play. I love acting with him."

Steen: "Right back at you. And there's something very exciting about doing a thriller. I get to scare you, and you keep guessing."

Jim Everett

One more summer
"Camp is... [Everett took a long pause]. Well, it's magical, isn't it? I wish every kid... actually I wish every politician went to camp for a week where they're getting along with someone very different from them."

Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, pray, love... and just about everything else
"I haven't truly processed what happened because, honestly, I don't know if it's processable. It's more like a phenomenon, and it has no rational explanation. Meanwhile, I go on with my life as sanely and soberly and responsibly as I can."

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